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CannaBash Prep with the one and only  Keith Stroup - Founder of NORML .

CannaBash Prep with the one and only Keith Stroup - Founder of NORML.

If you have a desire to join the medicinal cannabis movement, we have a home for you. As part of the street team, you have the opportunities to learn the industry and learn about a start-up business made from people native to New Jersey.

Learn how to create and organize events. Engage the Trenton community through Trenton Cares, which is an associate conceived with Children’s Futures. Become intimate with the politics and understand how the Adult-use, Medical, and Social Justice bills serve New Jersey.

And last, but certainly not least, become part of the Woah Flow team. We want our team to be assembled prior to our dispensary opening so that when the brick and mortar store is formed, you will know your coworkers as friends, and you will know the neighborhood where you work.



  • Must be 18+

  • Must be willing to participate in community initiatives

  • Must not post any illegal activity on social media

  • Must be committed to the development of the cannabis industry


  • Networking

  • Business development

  • Employment Opportunities

  • Forefront of the emerging cannabis industry • Ongoing industry expertise and knowledge

  • Research and Development

  • Social Media outreach