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Education through outreach and social media are our voice for changing stigmas surrounding cannabis. Here’s how we’re educating and sharing how cannabis is heals for physical, economical, and social aspects of society.



Cannabis Science with Freedom

Dave and Matt talk about the impact of the economic and science of cannabis. Ancillary business galore.




Frank, Phil, and Freedom discuss cannabis consumption methods, dosing, and why Trenton is the ideal community that can benefit from the cannabis industry.



Talkin’ Freedom with Freedom

Our first conversation of a monthly dialogue with Freedom Green exploring all things cannabis.


Matt Kutch, CEO and Phil Charles, Outreach Media Manager speak with the legend Darren “Freedom” Green on all things cannabis and righteous



Matt King, CCO and Phil Charles, Outreach Media Manager, flow with Nick Mellis a cannabis advocate

Back in December, Matt, our CCO, and Phil, Outreach Media Manager, speak to Nick Mellis about cannabis politics, what it will do for the city of Trenton, and share some laughs.


August 6, 2018

August 6, 2018

The aesthetics of a gold rush:
Cannabis and branding in the age of legalization

NEW JERSEY GLOBE’s Amy Wilson gave us a nod as she digs into branding and marketing in the cannabis industry.


OCTOBER 30, 2018

OCTOBER 30, 2018

Matt Kutch, Woah Flow CEO, speaks at CannaGather in the Cannabis Capital of NJ.

We are proud to come home to Trenton, and see her shine in all her glory. CannaGather in Trenton was electric. This brought 250+ people to Trenton on a Tuesday night, making it the biggest social event in the capital city that night.


July 31, 2018

July 31, 2018

Matt Kutch, Woah Flow CEO, speaks at CannaGather in Jersey City making Woah Flow’s debut in NJ

He advised on how to create a dynamic team, look for opportunities, the importance of embracing the community, and how to keep momentum opening a cannabis business.