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To dispel misinformation on cannabis, we have been working content to shed light on the history, the medicinal values, and consumption methods and how to properly dose and monitor effects.


Consumption Methods + Effects

Consumption methods + Usage

We want to shed some light on the use of cannabis. It’s important to note that it is classified as a Schedule 1 Drug on a federal level. Due to this, research and studies have not uncovered all the pros and cons of the plant. Above are guidelines to use cannabis as a medicine. Start low and go slow.

U.S. History of Cannabis Use

CUltural + Societal History

Prior to the 20th century, cannabis or hemp (cannabis with a THC level no greater than 0.3%) was used as currency and valued as a resource for clothing, rope, and food. Cannabis is so useful that it was successfully lobbied against in congress by paper, logging, and oil industries. Harry Anslinger (the 1st Executive Director of the DEA) targeted bootleggers and saw the end of alcohol prohibition, which may have fueled his bias against cannabis users spreading fear with effective propaganda PSAs.


Facts + Statistics

It’s amazing to discover the many uses cannabis provides. Economically, it supported the beginning of the auto industry, it held our sails as pioneers chartered unknown seas, and today it offers employment opportunities.


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Humans are gifted with the Endocannabinoid System, which maintains bodily homeostasis — biological harmony in response to changes in the environment.

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