CBD stands for Cannabidiol

CBD and Hemp products are getting more and more popular, but do you know how it exactly affects your body? Well, why don't you have a look at this CBD explainer video :) - Eatruscan, specialised in CBD food product, came at us with this lovely brief and a quick production plan. We came up with something friendly and simple for this - first of a series - explainer video. Directed and Animated by Hello Savants. Music, Sound Design: Massimo Cervini

There are over one hundred known cannabinoids in all types of cannabis, and the two most researched and well-known entities are the psychoactive THC, the molecule that provides the cannabis “high” (euphoria), and CBD.

CBD has inert psychotropic effects that are beneficial since anecdotal data purports it has multiple benefits for symptomatic relief.




FDA APproval Epidiolex

As of now, there is one CBD drug that the FDA has approved. More search and studies need to be conducted to prove the effective properties.

EPIDIOLEX is a prescription medicine that is used to treat seizures associated with Lennox-Gastaut syndrome or Dravet syndrome in patients 2 years of age and older.