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Advocates + educators for cannabis in New Jersey who Plan to be a medicinal dispensary, though, we aren’t there, yet.


Currently, New Jersey has 6 medical vertical dispensaries. This means each ATC - Alternative Treatment Center - grows, produces, and sells their products. New Jersey has just announced 6 additional vertical dispensaries. Our intention is to attain a single license to sell medical cannabis as a dispensary in Trenton, New Jersey.

CannaBash September 8, 2018. Mill Hill Park, Trenton, NJ. Speaker: Keith Stroup, Founder of NORML.

CannaBash September 8, 2018. Mill Hill Park, Trenton, NJ. Speaker: Keith Stroup, Founder of NORML.

It’s important to be engaged in the community. It’s our responsibility to let people know what cannabis does for us as a medicine, as well as socially and economically. We will serve as a model for client experience, education, treatment, and product choice in cannabis retail in Trenton, New Jersey. Making our location more than the sum of it’s parts, valuing each human who enters our space.


Physician + Patient Info


Hi Doc, we compiled specifics on physician eligibility, where to initiate patient signup, defined a bona fide physician patient relationship, listed patient qualifying conditions, and listed a physician checklist that will direct your patients towards applying for a medical card. Feel free to reach out if you are curious about cannabis, and we can help direct you towards someone or references that may help you.

Click the button below to get the details on where to begin with medical cannabis.


Hi cannabis curious soon-to-be patient. Applying for a medical card may seem daunting, and we want to help you.

Click the button below for patient eligibility, patient qualifying conditions, and what you need to be considered for the medical cannabis program.

Feel free to reach out on our contact form if you have questions, and we’ll do our best to give you the proper instructions.


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Cannabis 101

Credit: Esteban Lopez

Credit: Esteban Lopez

The cannabis flower is abundant with natural chemical compounds (the term “cannabinoids” applies to innate organic chemical compounds known as “phytocannabinoids”) in certain plants which mimic the effects of “endocannabinoids”, which are produced by the human body to act on the network of cells called the Endocannabinoid System (ECS).”

The resinous crystallized glands on cannabis plants are known as trichomes and contain contain copious cannabinoids and terpenes, which are natural essential oils found in cannabis plants and act as physiologically active secondary metabolites.

The most resin is found on the flowering bud of the female cannabis plant. Trichomes are vital since they contain the active ingredients of cannabis in the form of cannabinoids and terpenes.